Photo by Imagine It Photography and Jessica Lowman Photography

Laura Thomas’s active lifestyle began at 3-years-old as a pre-ballerina. Laura continued various forms of dance throughout her childhood and then switched to cardio and weights in her teen years.  While not gaining the freshman 15 in college due to continuing an active lifestyle, Laura did learn the hard way in her early 20’s when she started working a desk job, eating out and not exercising regularly.

“I lost a great job and my aunt to cancer both in late 2006 when I was at my heaviest weight.  It was a tough time in my life and I knew I had to take the reins myself and transform my health.”

Laura realized she had to make a change and joined a women’s only gym where she returned to cardio and weightlifting.  A friend introduced her to Clean Eating and Oxygen magazines and Laura started cooking more nutritious food and following different fitness professionals.  She was able to lose the weight and then some and has continued experimenting with different exercise programs and semi-annual cleanses.  With her ballet background, Laura is big on form when exercising and making sure clients are safe from injury or pro-longed pain.  She has personally dealt with feet and knee injuries.

As an adult, Laura’s passion for health stems from the many friends and relatives she has lost to diseases (both preventable and non-preventable) and people in her life who struggle with daily setbacks from their condition, whether chronic or unattended.   Laura took 72 hours of class time and became an ACE certified trainer in December of 2016 after her desire to obtain the certification for a few years finally came to fruition.  After sitting on the sidelines for too long, she has vowed to make a difference in your fitness goals.


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