The Thomas Fitness Consulting Difference

Thomas Fitness Consulting prides itself on safety and fuction for clients.

Unfortunately, Laura has encountered trainers in her fitness journey who did not have their clients’ best interest and thus, she sustained injuries.  As someone who has received chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage therapy, she knows firsthand how important it is to not endanger your clients.

I am very attuned to each person’s limitations.  I do not expect clients of a certain age to engage in jumping/plyometric movements and I respect any ongoing pain that we need to work around in our sessions.

I encourage my clients to become the best versions of themselves.  
I ensure that proper form and function are part of that long-term goal. 

As a client of TFC, you will receive the following:

  • Free general assessment where I can get to know your physical capabilities. Includes discussion of questionnaire that outlines your background of nutrition, activity and personal info.
  • Access to Thomas Fitness Consulting Preferred Partners
  • Ongoing email communication outside of the studio regarding nutrition and balancing other physical activities.
  • Access to all of your workouts anytime to use on your own and monitor your progress.
  • Access to Facebook Group to ask questions and meet other fitness enthusiasts.

Please note, I require 24 hours cancellation and all sessions must be pre-paid a month in advance.

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I understand it’s Cleveland and there is snow in the winter and the chaos of the highway, (mostly 90 and 480).  Please keep emergencies to a minimum. 🙂


For a free consultation about your succession plan, please fill out the                                                       below info: